An unboxing of a Savinelli Tortuga Smooth 606ks!  This pipe is great.  Quality all around, smokes great, feels great, draws great.  Not much use for the cap that I’ve found, unless you’ve already smoked more than half the bowl.  It’s advertised as a piece for saving a smoke, but the plug goes too deep in the bowl to really be saving much more than the last little bit.  Seems more like an excuse to include more of that beautiful tortoise shell acrylic, which is fine by me. 

My first smoke was the english blend “Golden Shag” from Uhle’s.  Oddly, it tastes sweet and mellow in a cigarette, but you get a lot more of the campfire taste from the pipe, perhaps because of the initial charring of the briar.  The “Christmas Blend” also tasted a bit more roasted than it did in a corncob, thus confirming what must be the flavor of the briar. 

I tried it both with and without the filter.  Must say I do like that filter, seems to taste better, plus I just don’t like the idea of a plastic spacer in there.

I’m getting a better feel for tamping and keeping the coal at a lower temp, which seems to keep the tongue bite down and the flavor up.  I don’t really see the need for a tamper (which I forgot to order in my excitement to get the pipe).  My finger works quite well, even on a burning bowl it doesn’t hurt that bad and keeps you from over tamping. 

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